Paweł Passini

ECoC Programme Curator

Theatre director, composer, experimental creator, a pioneer of the interactive theatre trend. Founder of neTTheatre – Theatre in the Network of Connections, the first company in the world to perform its performances online with the active participation of Internet users. A graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and the Academy of Theatre Practices in Gardzienice, he works at the crossroads of mainstream and offline. Founder of the Middle East Artists Association in Lublin
“Passini is like his heroes: independent, untethered, separate. Among them, there are romantics, God’s madmen, experimenters, Polish and foreign artists: Artaud (“Singing in the Void”, “Artaud. The Double and His Theatre”), Morrison (“Morrison/Deathson”) and Wyspiański (“Requiem”). Each paid for art with their lives, but it was the only way to defend their freedom, the privilege of going further than everyone else, detaching themselves from the human mass, and being themselves. For Passini, this is probably the most important goal. He is constantly on the move, travelling, and discovering new territories. In literature. In the theatre. In the country. On the Web. He looks for the metaphysical glow in the theatre that mystics and kabbalists dreamed of (“Khazar Dictionary”, “Book of Splendour”). Passini’s heroes feel disinherited by a rationalized and materialized civilization, so they fight for the rebirth of its spiritual element – in art, ritual, madness.”