Maria Artemiuk-Kozińska

ECoC Programme Curator

Cultural animator, manager of international cultural projects at the Centre for Culture in Lublin. Coordinator of “Lviv Month in Wrocław” international project, a key component of the European Capital of Culture 2016 program in Wrocław. A coordinator of international cooperation at the Jagiellonian Fair, Night of Culture, and L² projects – enhancing the culture of Lublin and Lviv, Jazz Bez Festival, or Festival of Storytellers “Słowo Daję”. She co-created the program of cooperation between Lublin and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus countries, which was part of the “Final Application of Lublin ECoC 2016”. She has worked on the implemented ten large-scale cultural cooperation projects with partners from the Eastern Partnership countries, such as Power of Art, Ukrainian Zriz, Fort Misia Festival, and Lublin Land Art Festival, among others.