Submit a project

If you want to get involved in the process of Lublin’s application for European Capital of Culture 2029, have an idea and vision of what culture in Lublin in 2029 can look like, fill out the application and submit your project.

We will divide the projects into categories:

a/ large – multi-year projects that can cover large spaces, wide groups of stakeholders, cross-sector areas.

b/ small – ideas or interesting initiatives, but also drawing attention to new cultural phenomena, which perhaps we will combine into common thematic blocks or include in large “umbrella” projects.

For the moment we are concerned with a brief outline and preliminary concept of the proposal. This is the first stage. Your application will be evaluated by the ECC CK Coordination Team and advisors from Poland and the European Union. If we see potential in your project, you will be invited to the second stage. Then we will want you to describe your concept more broadly