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The Lublin University of Technology and the City of Lublin to educate a new generation of film makers

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The Lublin University of Technology and the City of Lublin have signed an agreement on the education of young film makers. Thanks to cooperation with Lublin Film Fund, students of the University’s Multimedia Engineering major will gain experience on various film sets.

Rector of the Lublin University of Technology, Professor Zbigniew Patera, and the Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk Ph.D signed the agreement. Cooperation between local government, universities, and the creative sector is significant both in light of the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029, and the implementation of the Lublin 2030 Strategy.

Future filmmakers will work in the creative industry, in audiovisual media, including film, television, and radio. Students can volunteer, or enrol in apprenticeships and internships in film productions carried out in cooperation with the Lublin Film Fund. Participation will be an opportunity to gain valuable experience.
– Lublin University of Technology has experts and access to the latest technologies, in particular when it comes to cybersecurity and new media – emphasizes Rector Zbigniew Pater. – Lublin is an academic, cultural, and entrepreneurial city. Students taking part in numerous activities will appreciate the opportunity provided, and the residents will benefit from the effects of their work.

The Multimedia Engineering major was launched in 2020 and is very popular. After the first two recruitment rounds, the university increased the admission limit. Future engineers learn, among others, to create multimedia applications and presentations, and to make various forms of audio-visual recordings using equipment and tools available in television and radio studios. The infrastructural potential of the studio will be essential for productions carried out in cooperation with the Film Fund. They will include online broadcasts of municipal events, including in the districts, student projects, and cultural and sports events.

– We plan to launch cybersecurity workshops, which will be developed by multimedia engineering students using the latest technologies available in our studio. The workshops will consist of two cycles – the first addressed to the youngest, and the second to seniors, says Jakub Krzysiak from

The involvement of students, and the technologies available at the studio allow cooperation on many ongoing projects in the creative sector, including the MATCH project. It aims to introduce students to the local work market and familiarize them with its realities.