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Lublin once again became the City of Poetry

By 29/05/2024No Comments

The 14th edition of the City of Poetry – the Lublin poetry festival – has just finished. After a few years of break, we invited poetry to our city again – to the streets, squares, cafes, institutions, and private apartments. We have created a Space for Poems!

The event lasted 4 days, during which poetry spread throughout Lublin. Meetings, events, workshops, animation, and social activities related to poetry took place in cafes, libraries, schools, streets, and squares. The City of Poetry Post Office referred to the idea of a poem as a gift. Similarly to the past editions, poetry also appeared in private spaces – so-called Poetry Apartments. Residents of Lublin, who wanted to host poetry meetings at their homes, were tasked with the creation of such spaces.

The main guest of this year’s edition was Ryszard Krynicki, associated with the festival for many years. Krynicki took part in the first edition of the City of Poetry in 2008 and received the “Kamień” Poetry Award awarded during the festival. His poems are also on the Festival’s murals, a characteristic sight that can be found in various locations throughout the city. His renewed presence in the City of Poetry marks a new beginning for the festival.